How A Gifting Website Reduces The Distance Between People?

social_gifting_cover_640x360There is a reason we read books and novels, for some it is like an escape, for some it teaches them the fundamental aspects they need to be aware of, and some just love to collect knowledge as much as they can. The perspective that drives the three of them is already inside them, because most of the things which you read in the books stem from human thinking and they have always been a part of you, only when you read about it you realize about the truth. Similar is the concept of distance, it would never quite make a difference to anyone who is quite close, but the moment the distance starts to appear due to a loved one moving out of India or some other reasons, then the distance starts to get visible and you start reading about it, when you come to know that your loved one is no longer with you, it starts to affect you as a result. This could be hard to deal with, but believe in this fact that for every one problem in this world, there is exactly one solution available always, well sometimes the solution are more than one as well. But the point is they are available and it is a good thing.

Thus if you are someone who is settled in the USA and missing your wife back in India, the upcoming anniversary and your absence from it only makes it worse. Not anymore, since now the advent of the gifting websites which render services to every city in India makes it a better experience for everyone. You can now send anniversary gifts from wherever in the world you are to India and be assured that the product will reach on time. It is a guaranteed thing that you can give them true happiness with this process and it is really a fascinating thing. You get an incredible variety of gifts that can be delivered to them, with amazing products to choose from various categories. Try choosing a special soft toy, chocolates, personalized gifts, cakes, or flowers for your loving wife. Make her feel exclusive and increasingly special on the eve of her anniversary, this surely will be making her feel great. You will find out the great advantages of the website once you visit it, it is a great experience and you would realize that it does reduces the distance between your loved ones. Not just anniversary, but there is something special for every occasion, and you can also check out on the exclusive offers that you will get here.

The Festival Of Lights Can Be Celebrated In a Grand Way This Year

collageIn India, people give importance o every element that has always been associated to the good. It is usually considered in every culture and even in philosophy that the element of light is a boon to mankind and that it is due to this reason we have been able to see things. Otherwise darkness would have left us not progressing, it was because of light that we developed into what we are today. In our country this fact gets to be celebrated and is known by the name of festival of lights, this is also called Diwali. There can be seen a lot of people who would turn up to celebrate this festival in a grand style and it is so good to see the colors in the night and people coming together that you really feel great about it.

Wherever people may be located they would make it a point to participate in this amazing occasion of all time and light crackers and spread the joy. The main reason of amplifying the level of celebration for this event is because according to the Hindu mythology, this was the time long ago when Lord Ram returned from his exile and people lovingly celebrate the whole thing with Diwali. Thus you could be residing anywhere, even away from your family maybe, or some relatives or friends. You can give them all something to cheer now and that can be achieved with the help of gifting websites. They keep a truckload of categories that will have something for everyone and this is a very great way to appeal to anyone you love. Some of the best products that can be considered sending during this time of the year would be Sweets, chocolate hampers, gift vouchers, dress pieces and many more such things. Even the personalized gifts is worth visiting.

All these along with the all time favorite of flowers can prove to be a really great way of expressing your love for your family members. You can get the best services possible for these deliveries and also the delivery is quite timely so it is a great thing that you can get for a good price. Thus you can save the hassles of travelling all the way to the place where your loved ones are and perhaps send them something amazing which will be a great thing in a way to make an impact during Diwali.

Source : Online Gifting Portal in India

Increase The Score Of Impact On Your Girlfriend With Two Simple Rules

When you are in a relationship, especially in the one where you are crazy for your girl and you just cannot help talking about her to all of your friends, all the sweet things about her and why you love her. This is a highly positive thing and the efforts you make will only keep the two of you together always. You love her company and so does she, and thus you two get along really well. Now if you intend to the increase score of impact on your girlfriend by expressing her how much you love her then here are some rules for that, which will let you sweep her completely off her feet, and she would be your fan forever. This is how you do it right and also make sure, you keep it like that.

Rule # 1 Interactivity is Creativity

It is often the way you interact with your girlfriend makes a huge amount of difference. The topic you bring for conversation, the interesting things you tell her that happened with you in the day. The way you present it all has a huge impact on her. Even if you tell her all this in an uninteresting manner, she wouldn’t think about anything but chances are if it gets boring things may get dull. This is something you need to avoid in relations.


Become a story teller, this doesn’t mean you have to start lying or anything. But make sure whatever you say has the element of mystery to it; anyone listening to what you say would want to know what exactly happened. For example, there was an incident that took place on your way back home; you are not the only person who witnessed it. Once you reach you are being told to narrate what happened there can be ways in how you can keep people hooked on to what you are telling them. Especially for your girlfriend it is a turn on to see when you become the center of attention in a group. She looks up to you like her hero. Not only this each time you talk to her try to make things interesting by taking references and even going filmy if needed.

Impact Score On Her: 78%


Rule # 2 Introduce A Twist, Get Her A Gift

Girls always observe a man on his ability to make decisions and the choices that he takes, which speaks a lot about their personality. This thought extends to any gift you choose to give your girlfriend, though she would never mention this fact to you or she may do it, but if you are concerned about it. Then you would choose your presents wisely. There could be occasions when you end up giving her mere flowers or give her something that she already had maybe or something which she does not need. Well, now you can avoid this with the following solution.


Try to be unique with your choices, anything you choose to give her make sure you prepare a story. Where at each point she gets a chance to live the character. Weave your own story and as she plays the part she gets a gift, then it can be something like fresh flowers, to something personal. You can mesmerize her by taking her to the doorsteps of an alluring spa. All that she loves present her with a twist.

Impact Score On Her: 85%

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Why Is The Fruit Cake Enjoying Quite An Attention These Days?

birthday-cakeYou may be a fan of grand celebrations, well who doesn’t like the idea? We all do an as a matter of fact we try to include all the essential elements for a surprise plan to get executed well, especially when you are the one organizing it. It is really a sweet thing to ensure that everything is going as per planned and now comes the part for ordering the right birthday cake. Over the past several years, we all must have tried a variety of cake flavors and thus it is all the same thing out there with only a different presentation every time. Among this need to be different, one such variety comes as a rescue and it tries to deliver something unique. We call it by the name of the fruit cake. So what is so special about this type? Why has it been gaining quite some popularity?

The reasons are pretty clear that these varieties has a distinct style of preparation, a special attention is paid to the way the presentation takes place. The toppings and the exotic addition of fruit flavors of all the fresh seasonal fruits, they just simply make for a delightful treat. Fruit cakes coming into the notice of a lot of people because of its stunning appearance which quite makes the cut. They offer a visual sight which is enough to make you crazy and then what follows is a great taste that cannot be escaped. It is a perfect recipe for something awesome. The quality is yet another thing that would make you want to fall for it, it is an exceptional treat and these days with a cake like that for any occasion you’d be really are different from the others in your appeal. It is perhaps a really awesome gift for birthdays, specifically when you keep in mind about the recipient and thoughtfully proceed to give them a stunning piece of joy in the form of a fruit cake.

It is available in many alluring choices, and each has a distinct style of presentation, there is no doubt that each of the style is quite amazing in its taste and since its quite the flavor of the season, wouldn’t it be an awesome idea to surprise someone with a variety from this collection?

Well, it surely would be.

How To Plan The Best Surprise For Your Dad On This Father’s Day In 5 Easy Steps

fathers day giftsFather’s Day is soon approaching and you better make sure that you are well prepared before the event hits. We all love both our parents and while we may be very close to our mom, Dad’s too deserve their share of surprises and you can give it to them on this Father’s Day. Thus if you are one of those thinking how to create the best surprise for your dad, here are 5 easy steps to achieve that.


# 1 Search The Best Gifting Website

When you are looking for ideas in the 21st century it is a literal interpretation that you are looking for it on the internet. Thus when you are looking for it you might as well, come across some interesting online gifting websites and among them happens to be quite unique and you must really check out this website as they offer exclusive products for every occasion.

# 2 Browse The Categories

Its quite easier than it looks like, but once you have found the website, then the categories are just too simply to browse over and it will offer you a great variety, in you name it products. This will be a wonderful experience and some of the products like cakes and flowers are delivered on the same day and even midnight delivery can be expected.


# 3 When In Doubt, Follow The Blog

This website has got a very interesting blog, which speaks about the gift ideas related to the occasion, recipient, interests and many more parameters. Thus, if the confusion exists then checking out a few posts will help to find a better solution.

# 4 Add A Special Note To The Present

The moment you finally make your mind to choose the best present for your father don’t forget to add a special note with the present to make it even more memorable. He is surely going to love the whole thing.


# 5 Take An Awesome Selfie With Him

Since the selfie fever has caught up with a lot of people, there wouldn’t be an interesting opportunity than to take a special photo with your father, especially when he receives the gift, and his expressions are priceless.

5 Distinct Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend That Will Really Please Him


We mostly get to see the concern that every boy goes through in his life to impress his girlfriend and bring her something distinctly unique which will make her feel very special. Well similar is the case with girls even they feel the same about their boyfriend; the only thing is they get confused sometimes with their expression. Girls are preferably best when it comes to expressing, but in the department of conveying emotions through gifts there seems to be some confusion, well we all face it some point of time in our life when we start thinking that our partner deserves the best, so what would it be. The dilemma simply baffles us, but not anymore. We give you 5 interestingly distinct gift suggestions which you can proudly present to your boyfriend to make him feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have you.

# 1 Personalized T-shirts

Men love a graphical way of expressing love and you can achieve it on some T-shirt and present to him a proof of your love. This will really please him.

# 2 Chocolate Hampers

On contrary to what people popularly believe that woman are the ones who enjoy chocolate more than men, well men equally enjoy it and they would even more likely to enjoy it if their girl gives them this present.

# 3 Personalized Shot Glasses

This is something that would really take your man by surprise and he would feel closer to you for choosing to give him a distinct surprise that he wouldn’t even have thought of. It’s simply splendid.

# 4 Gift Vouchers

Men may not be a big fan of shopping, but they would surely love a gift voucher that lets them savor their favorite delicacies in their selected restaurants. It is pretty simple to figure out actually and men would quite love the fact that you care for them so much that you chose a food voucher for them.

# 5 Flowers

Flowers are universally accepted gifts for everyone, not just for women, but even men would love a bouquet of fresh flowers, because it brings a ray of positivity with it, which is really quite refreshing.


Top 3 Classic Books To Read For The Book Lover

Books are the source of abundant knowledge, what they contribute to the human brain is something which nothing else can. It is some sort of a stimulator as it induces every necessary detail that you needed to know about the particular topic. It maybe a fictional novel or a nonfiction, it does its work by creating an understanding about things. It also helps create some awareness so that from what we learned we can practically apply them to our real lives and make the most of it. Below are some books which have been written quite thoughtfully and something which every book lover must read.

# 1 Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

adventures of sherlock

Sherlock Holmes was the greatest detective character that was ever made and several centuries down the lane, the character is still fresh in the memories of a lot of people. The hat detective received even more popularity as Robert Downey Jr. played the title role in the film adaptation of the works by the legendary author. It soon got made into a sequel as the first one was supremely applauded by many. Then currently the popularity has reached another level, thanks to the series started by BBC ONE network, with the title Sherlock, which takes a look at the modern day adventure of Sherlock and Watson. The story is well told and the theory of deduction is something which continues to open the eyes of several individuals and tells us as to what difference a simple and detailed observation can make. This book is a must read for every book lover.


# 2 A Catcher In The Rye By J. D. Salinger

catcher salinger

This novel which was written a long time ago was already much ahead of the time when it was originally penned down. It has a classic plot involving the protagonist during his early days when he got himself influenced by all the negative things and the impact it had on its life. This is a riveting piece of work which was ably written by one of the classic writers of the era when change was gradually getting accepted in the society. A must read book for all those who are about to graduate or have entered their graduation phase. The book is a powerhouse of interesting incidents of boyhood presented on a different level.


# 3 Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitchell


The rebellious story of a girl named Scarlett O’Hara who went on to become an inspiration for modern girls, is a well written story of the journey taken by this girl to eventually realize the true love of her life. The movie version was presented quite dramatically by some of the finest actors, and the qualities like confidence, love, chivalry are been portrayed in a distinct manner. The book has a vastness and the writing style only takes you deeper into the story, all the characters have been developed beautifully. Thus, it gives a meaning to the story at ever key point in the plot. A must read for everyone who believes in a story that has lots to offer. This surely is one of them.

Source: Online Books Store

The Thought Of Online Gifting In India

It always takes time for anything to evolve completely from its preliminary stages to something which is a fully formed version of the original idea. Even something like the concept of online gifting which is catching up slowly with a lot of people from India, now the fact remains that people have newly taken to the understanding of how e-commerce websites in India work. As a result of which a lot of people are opening up to the idea of gifting in the country. If you are one of those who wouldn’t let distance be a hindrance when it comes to surprise your loved ones then the idea of opening a search engine and searching for online gifts in India would help. It is a simple process that opens up an entire world of possibilities for anyone who wishes to surprise their loved ones from their nation.

If you are someone who is from India or someone who has been living abroad, you can stay connected to your loved ones during all of their special occasions and events by making your presence felt through the medium of gifts. There are a lot of products that can be looked into when you are planning to do something exceptional for your girlfriend, family member or a good friend. You can look into products such as flowers, cakes, chocolates, personalized gift ideas, and many other interesting items that qualify as a wonderful present. The process of surprising someone online has become quite simple and hassle-free, all you have to do is go online and make you intentions clear what you are looking for. The user friendly interface guides you through the simple steps as to what you need to do. There are categories and they have been described quite elaborately which makes them quite simple to understand everything one needs to know about the product. Then there are various products inside the category, once you are in it, you will be guided through the product descriptions that will tell you in detail everything you wanted to know.

Avail special discounts on the products as you choose to dedicate it to your chosen recipient. Now the best part is your gifts are delivered to the desired city in India and it is a timely delivery. Thus if you are considering to apply the thought of online gifting in India, then you can go ahead with it now with a relaxed state of mind.

Gift Ideas Based On The Profession Of The Recipient – Photographer


Photos always speak a lot about a particular moment that was frozen in time. A good photo is usually the one which captures the subject in their moments when they really look good. There can be various definitions to a goof photograph, and everyone tries to achieve it in their own way by taking unusual pictures, something that thrills them to take a click. Photography is basically an art and something which only a person who is quite passionate about it understands. When you ask such a person which is the best camera to take good photos, their answer would usually be, something modest like making use of cell phones would also give you a good result. This is because only a photographer understands that it is the understanding of the subject and the composition of a good photo is something that comes from the observation of the one who takes the picture. It is an interesting phenomenon and if you are friends with such a skilled person, and know this that their birthday is around the corner then here are certain gift ideas based on their profession which will serve as an awesome surprise for them.

# 1 Photo Cakes

For someone who loves taking awesome photos will be delighted to see someone taking that effort to present them with a personalized cake that shares his interest for photography. Surprise the recipient with a cake that has the feature of adding a photo to the top layer of the cake. This is an edible layer and perhaps you can savor it like the rest of the cake.


# 2 Adventure Holiday Outing

Nothing can be special than giving a photographer an opportunity to visit an adventurous spot with their first love, camera. An adventurous outing is a great present when you really want them to have a unique and the best experience of the nature. This is truly a good example of a gift idea based on the profession of the recipient.


# 3 Personalized Photo Collages

For someone from this profession, memories are measured in terms of the photos taken and which is a universal fact. Now give them this thought presented in a designed format of a personalized photo collage, where the one who takes good photos is the one whose photo collage has been made. This is a great gift you can give them.

Theory Of Gifts – What You Need To Know About Flowers

Image of girl with flowersA well known fact that has been stated universally by many people, that flowers are an evergreen present that you can think of giving someone. There is truth to it and they have always made occasions better. But there is a whole new level of things we possibly do not know about them. As to why we tend to choose a specific floral variety for a particular event, there are reasons and some of them can be best explained with the theory that goes behind the gift.

# 1 Rose

Let us begin with roses; symbolically they have been given the status that signifies love, romance and passion. But the roses are more than that; firstly there are variable colors that are available for them. You have them such as pink, orange, red, lavender, white and yellow. All of them have a meaning to them and they are meant for certain occasions that sum up the whole essence of the event. Red is usually something that would deliver emotions of deep love and this is not only extending to the ones who are in love but to those who wish to express love to their family and friends. Yellow, is a bright color and in roses they signify friendships and the vibes that you feel upon receiving them is worth it. The colors pink and orange devote themselves to propagate the feeling of care, they make the recipients feel special, and it can also be considered as a way of admiration. White would denote purity and thus for special times when you need to signify the purity of a relation you present them with white roses. Lavender evokes passion and this rich color can be given on occasions that deal with couples.

# 2 Orchids

The most exotic variety that you can come across with flowers are orchids, they are colorful, stunning and make a solid impression to the recipient. These are basically representing something unique and if you are aware of that the person you want to surprise means exclusive to you, then rather than going for anything else you would choose to give them a slice of the paradise. They have a specific vibe that mesmerizes the person it goes to. Meant for times when you have began something beautiful and it is going good, this gift is an indication that things are good and they are here to remain that way.

# 3 Carnations

Ceremonious that is one word that comes to mind when you picture these beauties together in a bouquet. They are vibrant and usually are flowers of celebrations and you get the evidence the moment you see it. They have a cheerful vibe and the aura that generates from them can be felt all around the atmosphere, also a good variety which can heal a person’s state of mind. It has an impact on a psychological level.

# 4 Gerberas

They are called daisies by the way and they are lovely as they are available in some vibrant colors. Something you would love to see on a bright summer day that will cheer you up and make you feel confident. This is a floral variety that is just for situations when you want to appreciate someone or wish someone speedy recovery.

source : Buy gifts online

10 Things We Should Avoid Saying Like Robin To Not Get Slapped (By Batman)

Batman and Robin has been a popular comic book series for a lot of kids, we have grown reading about them. Recently on the internet we started witnessing a popular Meme series where Robin was slapped frequently for everything he had to say. It turned quite viral and then we realized the main reason why it was so popular. Well, turns out the things Robin say some of us do it in real life and there are people who then feel like Batman, here are ten things we should avoid saying to make sure we don’t end up getting slapped. Below are the 10 reasons due to which Robin gets slapped.

# 1 He Tries To Be A Spoiler


Yes, when you try to tell your friend about the plot of a movie they haven’t watched, this is what you get.

# 2 He Gets Nostalgic About Silly Things


Sometimes when you start talking about past things in an emotional tone, this is also a moment when your friends may want to stop you, so avoid it.


# 3 He Sings Silly Songs



If you happen to sing some insane song with bullshit lyrics, sir you deserve a slap.

# 4 He Makes A Fool Of Himself



When you are not aware of what you are saying you end up being a fool and then you need to be reminded with you know what.

# 5 He Will Get Slapped Anyways (Special Slap Appearance By Spiderman)


Well, sometimes you may piss some of your other friends as well, so instead of Batman, now spiderman would be slapping you as well.

# 6 He Tries To Act Smart


Why do you have to say something that you are not and excite Batman to slap you.

# 7 He Does Not Pay Attention To His Friends


Well, when your friend has got something new, you must notice it and acknowledge te beauty of it, otherwise you get it on your face.

# 8 He Tries To Be Too Technical


People do not want to hear about it, why you even bother to tell about it. Well now get slapped for it.

# 9 He Acts Like A Blonde Sometimes


When you start turning into a bimbo and forgetting things, these are early signs you are turning into Robin and this means that your friends are turning into Batman. You are so screwed man!

# 10 Everyone Can See That


You try to bring to notice something which people already know about. By this point it should be very well established that you love getting slapped don’t you?

Source: Birthday Gifts

5 Hill Stations In India To Visit For A Romantic Getaway

Everyone loves to spend a good time traveling to a scenic place with their better half to experience the true magic of love. This is quite true that you feel more in love with your soul mate when you have travelled to some exotic location with them. It is always believed that hill stations have its own charm and it never fails to draw attention. We take a look into five of such classic destinations from India where you can take your partner along with you.

 # 1 Kullu


It comes on the number one spot as one of the coolest spots for a holiday destination in India. The atmosphere is lovely and you might as well want to get warm with your partner in such a climate. The scenic views are breathtakingly awesome.

 # 2 Darjeeling


This has been a beautiful place in India in almost all climate, and it’s beautiful depictions in several movies of Hollywood as well as bollywood are proof enough about how awesome this destination could be.


# 3 Shillong


Quite an exotic destination you would find in the east and it is immensely romantic to be here. You are bound to get attracted to the scenic view this place has to offer.

 # 4 Mahabaleshwar


Classic place from the west that has a charming weather especially during the monsoon and the winter, it simply makes you grow more in love with each other.

 # 5 Munnar


When you go down south you will be treated with this fascinating destination named Munnar in kerala. One of the finest hill stations you would ever get to see, it’s pure beauty of nature filled with lush greenery of tea gardens spread across the hilly areas.

6 Types Of Girls You Will Find In Colleges

What is one of the most important factors of popularity of a college, well if you honestly ask a lot of people they would say things like academic record, popular alumni, vast infrastructure and many more things. But if you would really like to know the popular answer to that question, it is girls. Not only the amount but also the types, thus the popularity of a college can actually be quite proportional to the number of female candidates. If you are in one of those colleges which is filled with a considerable number of the fairer sex, then chances are you will probably end up finding the following types of girls.

# 1 The Geeky Chic

Laurence Olivier Awards

We all have encountered a character like her in our schools and colleges, she may be quite the geek, but if she paid a little attention to the way she appears she might actually knock you out, quite like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter movies. She is smart and has logical answers to everything.

# 2 The ‘Duhh’ Girls


You just cannot have enough of them, they are what you call the bimbo girls who love to look good and have no clue what is going on in the world. Their world revolves around beauty, makeup stupid gossips and ‘Duhh’ faces. Hilarious.


# 3 The God’s Daughter


Every college has that group of girls who are devoted to God and would always be found doing the right things, and also making it a point to talk about God. They refrain from doing anything wrong, and their only excuse to everything they do not do is because God does not approve of it. They will be found in the simplest of clothing and are quite innocent in nature.


# 4 The Fitness Freak


She loves to be tough, not quite the tomboy but an athlete who loves participating in all the sports you would usually find men doing. She is totally fit and refrains from anything silly and girly; you better don’t mess with her.


# 5 The Hot And The Popular


She is the one the entire college is crazy about, usually she is found in a very less amount in colleges, but some colleges could be lucky to have plenty of them. They are hot and they are popular, and you will know about this on Rose Day.

# 6 The Hipster Babe


She is quite rare to be found, but if found it is quite a sight to behold. She will totally drive you crazy with her style and the kind of clothes she would wear; she is modern yet believes in the traditional way. Her fashion sense is something to look out for.

5 Examples Of What A Guy Says V/s What He Actually Means

There are a lot of instances where a guy happens to say something totally different from what he actually would have said. Sometimes they end up giving statements that have a hidden context in it which in other words is known as sarcasm that is quite a direct way of saying, but there are instance when they say something and they mean something else. Here are some of those occasions when they make statements to a girl.

# 1 “You Are Like A Great Friend To Me”


When a guy happens to tell this to a woman he just met, it is quite clear that they mean to say that they are basically not interested in them and they only see them as a good friend not even great. Thus making it clear that it won’t work between them.

# 2 “I Am Not Exactly Looking For A Relationship As Of Yet”


This clearly means that they are looking for something casual and most importantly they are eyeing you as a conquest for a steamy session of lovemaking, that’s it to be blunt.

# 3 “I’ll Call You Later”


Forget it; they said it, that was a big deal because guys usually do not stick to their words especially when it comes to making a call. So we know the call is never quite coming actually.

# 4 “I’ve Been Quite Busy Off Lately”


Things like “caught up in work” and “Not getting time” are in simple words excuses for stating your disinterest in that person. We know it quite clearly and it would be easier if only they could have been honest.

# 5 “Let’s Talk About It Later”


They simply do not want to talk about it basically ever. So it’s a onetime statement actually.

Top 5 Birthday Gift Ideas Based On Their Popularity

Little_girl_with_birthday_gift2We actively participate in every occasion that comes throughout the year, but on one such day, we take a step back and just enjoy the surprise that is thrown at us. This special day is our birthday, this is a day when we are the kings or queens for 24 hours, perhaps we have some crazy friends who would go all out on their way to make things exclusive for us. It thus makes you feel good. Now if you are planning for some awesome surprise that you want to give to your loved ones on this day, and then you need to look out for some popular gift ideas, they will help you reach a clarity that is required to give wonderful presents.

# 5 Home Décor Items

Popularity Meter: 68%

Unique Score: 6.9/10

This is a gift product that has an element of meaningfulness to it. They add to the beauty of your house, and help you transform your house to a perfect home. There are amazing products under this section such as table lamps, scented candles and every other items that enhance the home and this is a gift that some of the recipients usually prefer as they have an affinity towards their home.

# 4 Books

Popularity Meter: 74%

Unique Score: 7.6/10

They should have been on the top of the list but they have dropped down a few places to no.4 spot.  But still books happen to be one of the most gifted product for birthdays and there are a lot of reasons for that, this qualifies as a very meaningful product and thus if you keep the recipient in your mind this is a beautiful present to be considered. Go for a book that you think they are interested or give them something they should be reading.


# 3 Flowers

Popularity Meter: 79%

Unique Score: 8.1/10

Fresh flowers are one unique and flexible item that can be presented in almost every situation and are quite evergreen. Birthdays are not an exception to it, and you can spread the joy even here with something genuinely vibrant and colorful.

# 2 Personalized Gifts

Popularity Meter: 86%

Unique Score: 8.7/10

We are looking into products such as Mugs, pillows, photo frames, collages, zodiac mugs, laptop skins and many more such personal use products that can be customized. Now express your love for your recipient by making them feel with something as exclusive as these wonderful products.

# 1 Cakes

Popularity Meter: 96%

Unique Score: 9.1/10

Birthdays are almost incomplete without fresh cakes and more because they also come with an option of midnight delivery cake. You can avail it to make someone’s birthday memorable every time. Choose from a variety of flavors that will appeal to the recipient.

7 Ways To Tell That Someone Is A Doctor

Considered to be a noble profession, the person from the medical field always can be recognized wherever they go and if you are wondering how, well here are seven crazy ways to tell that a person is a doctor.

# 7 The Medical Show Off


When you sit with them to watch a T.V. show or a movie and they show a segment where something medical term is being used, you would find them making corrections and explaining the process and telling you everything you would probably not understand. Well, we get it already you are a doctor.


# 6 Interested In Urine Or Semen


One would rather not be interested in the mentioned stuff, but chances are if you talk about some related problem and end up getting a reply by someone who enquires about your urine or semen and asks you to get a test done, you know who you are dealing with or do you?


# 5 Trust Me, I Am A Doctor


This line usually gives it away quite clearly that you are in fact dealing with a doctor but also states about their narcissism and that they are seeking their own share of attention. They will try to make this statement whenever they get the opportunity, or to end an argument.


# 4 Nothing Appears Weird To Them


Well, quite truly a doctor has heard several hilarious and crazy stories that for them to listen to something nasty or out of nowhere do not appear weird; they can handle any kind of situation. They are simply prepared, so you probably cannot scare the doctor, but the doctor can.


# 3 They Love To Recommend About Injections


When most of the world refrains from getting injected with medicines, they seem to be the poster boy for promoting it. They would seldom recommend you to take this or that injection whichever is good for you. When you ask why? They give you an explanation that you wouldn’t want to hear.


# 2 They Have Separate Vocabulary To Present A Bad News


Well, we all know about the doctors coded language of breaking out a bad news and they may think that they are smart enough to avoid the truth as best as they can. But we know it the moment they say it, well you are hearing it from the doctor.


# 1 People Willingly Take Their Clothes Off


Only a doctor can do this, ask someone they just met to strip off their clothes and lie on the bed while they inspect their body.

5 Things To Do Before You Enter College That Will Make You Popular

College can be the most interesting phase of life, right after your school is over, of course the school days can never be replaced, and they will always remain golden. But college life brings you yet another opportunity to live your life to the fullest and do interesting stuff when you are entering. Here is a list of things everyone must have on their check list before college begins.

# 1 Maintain Your Image

bewho you are

Make sure you do not drift away from what you were in the beginning, thus it is the best to play it safe and don’t try to barge into any group, if you remain that cool person then people will actually want to include you in groups. Once done maintain that image and do not unnecessarily take on people just to prove something, be as cool as possible.

# 2 Work It Out

before and after

Making sure that you have a dedicated time for gym keeps you focused and on track, this increases your popularity as well, if you have already acquired a drool worthy body then it is awesome, but if not then make sure you join the gym, it is the best place to take out all your frustration.

# 3 Learn An Instrument



College life is all about having fun and many more things, learning an instrument gives you an opportunity to showcase your talent and when you have given your performance you can silence everyone whoever used to say things about you. It would be quite a statement.

# 4 Do Not Hunt For A Girlfriend/Boyfriend


We often make this mistake of hoping we would find someone in the college and try to engage in a hunt. This simply does not work, stay focused in every college activity and do not succumb to the pressure of having a partner. When you do so, the members of the opposite sex will automatically get drawn towards you.

Gift Ideas Based On Your Favorite Indian Cricketer

If you are from India, there is an 88% chance that you are interested in cricket. Especially during the time there is an India match or even during the much publicized duration of IPL matches the entire nation can be seen in their crazy mode. We take a look at some of the popular Indian cricketers of all times and the gift ideas for the individual who happen to follow that cricketer.

# 1 Rahul Dravid


He is one of the most versatile players around, who has been consistently performing whether it is test matches, One day internationals or even the most recent version of 20-20. He has proved his mettle in all the formats of the game and even when age is catching up with him, he still shows that why he is a true cricket legend. He has played some of the greatest innings in Indian cricket, and saved a lot of matches. He is clearly the coolest cricketer in the team, as the patience he shows on the field is impeccable. Imagine a fast bowler gathering all his strength to deliver a fast ball to him with a long run-up, the reply to such a ball comes in the most stylish manner as he just happens to touch the ball with his bat and frustrate the bowler.

If you happen to idolize him as your favorite then you are someone who would love to receive something as accomplished as a watch or even something like a book. The perseverance you see with him is hard to match, and these qualities are something that appeals to you as well, thus books and watches are something that is meant for you.


# 2 Saurav Ganguly

Saurav Ganguly

He is the most iconic cricketer to be known in the history of the game in India. He has defined aggression on the field and proved his worth as the best captains India ever had. He has played some of the finest innings of his career as every time he would silence his detractors, a true Bengal tiger and has scored runs at quite a fast rate. Many of the cricketers have yet to reach his level and achieve the things that he did in a short span of time. He was a genuine leader, and we have yet to see a captain of his temperament and the way he used to motivate his teammates to excel.

If Sourav Ganguly is your favorite then you are probably a person of a rebellious nature, and believe in the true spirit of the game, winning it upfront and having the true attitude of a winner. Gifts that would suit you would be sunglasses, food vouchers, perfumes etc.


# 3 Virat Kohli


The youth icon for most people who follow cricket in India, he has recently achieved a celebrated status for being an aggressive batsmen who has been consistently smashing every bowlers hope for achieving a good economy rate. He has a massive aggression and some would call him the evolved version of Sourav Ganguly as there can be seen sparks of a good leader in him as well. He loves to hit the balls as far as he can, taking the minimum number of balls bowled to him. He loves to entertain the crowd and give them a good show and, you surely wouldn’t want to mess with him on the field. He has gone out of control on occasion, and his hot head attitude is something that appeals to the current generation.

If he is your favorite then eccentricity is what appeals to you and you would love to receive gifts such as grooming products that will make you look good, clothing, shoes and many other products that would make your external personality a lot more ravishing.


These are the three top class cricketers in Indian history and based on them the suggested gifts would be loved by them.

How To Know That You Had An Awesome Birthday With 7 Reasons

There are times; we are entitled to some crazy surprises that we never even thought we would get. Those are our loved ones expressing their love to us in the most exclusive ways they could think of. Whatever be the occasion and especially in case of a birthday, some surprises are really unexpected and the below seven reasons will give you an idea that if you were to give a rating on a scale of 1-10 what would you give to the surprise you received.

Reason 1


The birthday surprise began in the midnight, as you had almost achieved you good sleep, your friends came in from nowhere and created a loud sound that not only woke you out of your sleep but made sure that you wouldn’t get to sleep the entire night.

Reason 2

There was a sudden ring of the doorbell and as you opened the door there was a delivery boy who hands you a box of gift, which when you open you realize that a very close friend of yours who lives in a different city sent you the birthday gifts. This comes as a highly unexpected surprise.

Reason 3


Your boss suddenly happens to call you after some time in the night and wishes you a surprise Happy Birthday and even gives you a holiday the next day for your good performance. Now that is life at its best. You can never expect anything like that coming all at once.

Reason 4

bbtbisucyaal3zhYour crazy friends give you a delightful surprise that was unexpected but they make it even more special with the gifts they brought. Some of the crazy gifts included stuffs like shot glasses, a pink underwear,, and a personalized pillow. Then there were some more presents which cannot be talked about, but it was hilarious.

Reason 5

DSC_1035Your friends gave lifted you in mid air and gave you some terrific amounts of birthday bumps that you nearly screamed out loud and begged them to stop. This can get a little nasty, but this is how your friends show love, and if you have got it from them then definitely you are lucky to have such close friends.

Reason 6


You played crazy birthday games that were quite bizarre and delusional; it was the vodka shots game. You drank with your friends as the game proceeded. Then you gave the test for the drunk by trying to walk straight.

Reason 7


Your crazy photographer friend made you pose like a drunken model and took photos of you and you lovingly did it. Those photos will later go on to generate a lot of laughs in the group and are going to get uploaded on facebook.


If any of the above things happened to you then you really had an awesome birthday. If not there is always the next birthday.

7 Signs That You Are An Engineer

Engineering is one of the most passionate fields of study in India. Almost every other person in the country has been doing engineering, to the extent that it has become a very common thing. This can never be questioned that it still remains one of the prestigious things in the country and will always remain so. We look at some essential signs that will tell you instantly that the person you’ve met is an engineer.


Sign # 1: They Have Watched 3 Idiots More Than the Number Of Assignments they Must Have Received In Four Years


3 Idiots happens to be their favorite movie and more than the pages of assignments they must have filled, they filled the clock hours for watching this movie over and over again as if their life depended on it.


Sign # 2 They Have A Logic For Everything

engineering student

If you have met a person who provides you with insane logics every time, there is a high chance that he is going to be an engineer. They have done it all their life, and it is quite easy to find one if you come across some logic provided by such a person. So the next time you meet someone whose thoughts are out of the box and you cannot even imagine anything like that, you have met an engineer.


Sign # 3 Their Creativity To Surprise Their Girlfriend

Robot Gives Rose to Girl

Well, an engineer can never truly come out of their identity for being what they are. They would try to be unconventional in their creativity to even impress their girlfriend, if they have one. It begins with considering the technical aspect of love and doing something like writing a computer coded C program that based on the input provided gives an output of a heart shape through the dots on the screen. Even hilarious would be creating a robot and with the help of it, sending her flowers or chocolates or any other gift, in short there is always a need to impress through the use of technology to gift their loved ones. They just cannot do without it. They love creating a planned method in which the gift will be delivered, and it usually is based on their timing and they also believe in the clue game.


Sign # 4 The Venue For Date



Their venue for an ideal date where they would take their girl to would be the tech fest zone, or some seminar conducted by some high profile noble prize winner. Usually it is always going to be a location where you would least expect it to be.

Sign # 5 Sunday Has A Different Meaning In Their Life


They are found in a slightly different state on a Sunday, they have no clue what to do on this day. They are just too happy to bask in the glory of this day that till the time they get their consciousness the day is almost over and then the week starts again.


Sign # 6 You Can Give The Doctor A Competition For Their Handwriting


Engineers are no doubt competitive and they have proved themselves in every field and continue to do so. After writing so many assignments, they can proudly say that they can write exactly the way the doctors write, some can write even better than them.


Sign # 7 Your Gossip Includes Theories Of Einstein, Newton Or Sometimes Christopher Nolan

finelNothing much to say about this, but you clearly understand that these are the things that matter most to them. They even may talk about girls but eventually conclude in the end that how impossible it is for them to get her, to make it worse you realize she has scored more than you and thus you are content with Einstein and Newton.


5 Signs To Know That Your Boyfriend Loves You A Lot

When you are in a relationship with someone you always want to ensure that to them you mean the most and it is a mutual feeling. No one wants to be the one imposing in the relation it only makes it sour, so if you are a girl wondering that whether your guy truly loves you or not, here are 5 signs you would realize that he is indeed in love with you and that would also tell you how lucky you are.

Sign # 1 He Is Expressive In His Own Ways

Final 1

If he happens to surprise you in unique ways such as by bringing flowers or chocolates or personally takes you for shopping because he loves to spend on you, then it is actually a good sign. You may have also noticed that he is the one who would usually take the initiative to take you to shopping. This could be his own way of expressing.

Sign # 2 He Makes Sure You Are Having The Right Food

Final 2

Being in love does not only mean looking good and doing everything that gives you a good time, a very necessary thing here is the food habits, you need to make sure that she is having food on a timely basis and is not starving herself. Having water and keeping herself hydrated. If he is showing concern in your health related matters then it means that he really cares for you.

Sign # 3 He Knows To Make Things Interesting

Final 3

Well, the one who loves you would always take efforts to keep things fresh and interesting. It could be by taking up some fun activity or doing something suddenly, going on an unplanned trip. Trying something you’ve never done before and most importantly enjoying every second of it. This is what keeps the love from not diminishing and this means he loves your company and wants to do everything fun when you are with them.

Sign # 4 He Respects Your Opinion

If there is one thing that a girl always looks for in a guy, is that he should be respecting her opinion. This is what makes a girl feel secured and confident about her future with her guy. She loves it when her guy asks about any suggestion or takes what she says seriously. This is a sure sign your guy is into you.

Sign # 5 He Adds That Personal Touch In Your Life

Final 5

If he has a penchant for surprising you with personalized gift ideas such as Mugs, pillows and other such products then he definitely has a special place for you in his heart and wants to keep you immersed in this beautiful feeling that he loves you truly.

5 Highly Repeated Super-Hero Movie Clichés

We all love superhero movies, in fact most of them have a lot of things similar to each other apart from being a superhero. Here are the five most repeated Superhero plot clichés from Hollywood movies.

# 1 If You Are A Hero Your Identity Must Be Secret

Final 1

Well, it causes a lot of problems if your friends know that you are the guy behind that tight suit who does crazy antics all the time. It could get embarrassing and most importantly the villain will have an easier time then. The only exception is that of Iron Man, but he himself said it that he is an A**H*LE.

# 2 No Matter What The Super-Hero Will Have Self Confidence Issues At One Point In The Film

Final 2

This is such a clichéd moment and every Superhero has to have it. These issues will make them upset and they may even cry making us feel sad for them. This is what they call the emotional part of a superhero movie.

# 3 The Girlfriend Issues

Final 3

Well, the girl eventually knows about the true identity of the Hero and then they have problems because he wouldn’t be able to give her time. Superhero movies have established that they cannot enjoy the company of their girlfriend unless they retire like Batman in Dark Knight Rises. So are you ready to give up your powers to be with the girl of your dreams? Well, as it is you will be powerless either ways if you are in a relation.

# 4 The Super Villains Get Massively Powerful With Every Sequel

Final 4

This has quite become the trend, the Super Villains continue to get more powerful with every film from the series and the stakes keep increasing, but we all know that in the end even if there are 10 villains put together, the hero will defeat them all.

# 5 The Epic Finale Battle

Final 5

At least we can never go wrong on this prediction, every superhero movie will have that epic finale battle where you guessed it right the hero triumphs and the villain ends up like a douche bag.

5 Hollywood Movies That You Can Dedicate To Your Mother

Mothers are the most lovable part of everyone’s life. We love them both on screen as well as off screen and there have been several interesting portrayal of the loving mom in many Hollywood flicks that this character has grown on us. Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, here are some of the finest movies that were made keeping in mind mothers. You can dedicate one among these films to her on this mother’s day.

# 1 Dear Frankie


This is a very heartwarming film about how a single mother strives to protect her 9 year old deaf son from the world and from the truth about his real father. The son whose name is Frankie, writes letters to his mom due to his inability to communicate verbally and thus the entire story unfolds quite beautifully and leaves you with a sweet feeling, and a realization that mothers care for their child and they would make sure that their child is happy. This can be a beautiful tribute to your mother.

# 2 Jerry Maguire


This film has its own way of showing the mother and son relation and has been explored from a different view. The movie grows on you because of the love and bond that has been portrayed in the film through the able performances by Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger. The movie is overall entertaining and highlights this beautiful relation.

# 3 All About My Mother


This was a Spanish film but nonetheless it captures the essence of this character in a story. The struggles of a single mother who has to deal with secrets and disturbing truths about her family, but despite all this she manages to accept every challenge and emerges victorious.

# 4 Mother


This is a beautiful story that has been told in a very endearing way, about how we find inspiration in our loving mother, every time we seek it. It is quite true that she is the one who will always support you, no matter what happens. This is why she is so special, a must watch movie on the eve of mother’s day.

# 5 You Can Count On Me

you can count on me

This is another masterpiece if we are talking about selected movies made on the theme of mothers. You can always count on her and this is one film that will make you feel that. You can give her this wonderful surprise.

7 Types Of People You Are Bound To Find On Your Facebook Friend List

Facebook is scaling popular heights and increasingly becoming hit with the youngsters these days and if you are on this social networking site then you would know what exactly we are talking about. These are the seven types of people you will surely find on your Facebook Friend List.

# 1 The Rajnikanth

Robo rajini fight squense mobile wallpapers

Well, these types of people are the ones who would love to brag about the places they have been, the people they were hanging out with, especially girls and post their pictures almost every single day. They love to hog attention and have done almost everything in their life, including scuba diving to dancing in a club wearing a lungi.

# 2 The Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami

Well, these are people, who would begin a comment war on your status update and would not stop the argument until they prove that you are wrong. The comments after a point assume the form of fire and you literally have to exit facebook to save yourself.

# 3 The Manmohan Singh



They remain increasingly silent and hardly ever show up on facebook, you poke them, message them they wouldn’t reply. They do not even post any status. Though they will browse through the messages and the entire facebook, which is quite creepy.

# 4 The Rahul Gandhi


They have a knack of ending up doing something funny and the best part is everyone except them gets the joke. You can find them with ridiculous status updates and sharing photos that do not make any sense.

# 5 The Leonardo DiCaprio


We all feel sorry for them, who write sensible and very interesting status updates but no one even bothers to like or comment on them. Just like how DiCaprio fails to get a like from the Academy for his acting.

# 6 The ACP Pradyuman


These are the types who love to produce their own logic on facebook for everything that is shared and is issue based. Their comments make them captain Obvious and you just can’t help but feel sorry for them.

# 7 The Sunny Leone


Mostly girls fit in this category and they have got nothing to do then change their facebook profile picture every now and then, and generate a like war on their photos. This is very cruel as the minimum likes a girl gets on her new pic posted a minute ago is almost approximately 100.


Gift Ideas For Girls Based On Their Favorite Bollywood Actor

In an attempt to make things interesting, we often tend to do something crazy and usually the output is quite favorable. Truth be told, we all have a good amount of craziness inside our minds and it comes out at one point in life, if you are not crazy today you will be soon. This thought is very interesting and if you are a person who is currently driven by this thought then here is something that you can do. If one of the thing you have always wanted to do is choose a unique gift for a close friend of yours, but you could never make a good guess because she was a girl and girls are hard to please, well then it is easy now. All you have to do is know who her favorite bollywood actor is. Everything else will make sense automatically.

Take a look at some of the famous superstars from bollywood and know what gift would be best for her.

# 1 Hrithik Roshan


Hrithik RoshanIf she is a big fan of this superstar then she has quite a common thinking with a lot of other girls. The main reason why a girl loves Hrithik Roshan is because he is handsome and he has a physique that compliments his looks. He is the one who makes for a fantasy material for girls. Basically the qualities she is looking for her based on a huge amount of attraction, and also the depiction in the media. So these are girls who get influenced quite easily and they have a penchant for something which has been commonly accepted as a sex symbol. Thus choosing gifts for them gets a little simpler. If you give them flowers make sure you go for Orchids, they are exotic and compliment the vivacity of such girls. Taking some of the traits from their idol, they develop a tendency to look really good, so cosmetics are the next best deal.

# 2 Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh-KhanHe is an iconic actor of recent times who has done some of the finest films in bollywood and perhaps a popular choice when Hrithik wasn’t around. Despite that he has a terrific fan following among girls, the girls who are most likely to follow him would be the one who are inspired by his depiction in media as the perfect family man. Girls who believe in the concept of a sweet romance and who want to have a family and a loving husband just like SRK, are the ones who would be impressed by personalized gifts as it has meaningfulness to it. They would love to receive a gift that has a lot of value to it not in terms of its price but the thoughts. Something like a watch would also be perfect.

# 3 Aamir Khan


A different actor, who completely dedicates himself to every project he is a part of. He makes distinct choices and believes in them. He does specific films which he believes will make an impact on the audience. He is a versatile as he has done variety of roles that gives him the credibility of a fine actor. Girls, who follow him, are rebels in some way and they also believe in the thought process of bringing a change. They are creative and love to try new things. So for a girl like that you can give her something like a gift voucher for shopping, apparels. Home décor items like a table lamp that they can add to their house to make it look even more ambient.

There might be other popular actors as well, but the prime aspects that they usually look for in an actor before they become their favorite is their screen presence, their personality and the kind of movies they have done. Based on which you can arrive at some conclusion as to what you can gift them.

Factors That Will Bring You Back To India

You are walking on this path that takes you to a destination; you claim that you fully understand a lot of things about this place where you want to be. You are aware of its vastness and the experience you are going to get. You are thrilled, but you do not know, all that you are expecting is just one percentage of the scale of the magnanimity of which India is a part of. It is that destination that has layers of incredible features about it, where the mysteries don’t seem to end and a new journey always seems to begin. If you are away from your homeland and wondering what could be those elusive factors that can bring you back then read on.

Bollywood has contributed in its own way in bringing global Indians together, with a brilliant example shown in the movie Swades, where Shahrukh Khan plays the part of an NRI who deals with familiar issues of returning back to the nation. It was based upon the realization that rather being in a country which is already developed and contributing towards their well being, why not return to a place where you can generate opportunities for others so that our nation also reaches that level. Consider the following factors that will make you ponder upon returning back to the nation.

Factor #1 : Mother

One of the most emotional bonds that has a deep sentimental value and perhaps the prime reason, you would want to return to your country is your mother. You love the food she prepares and there is no way you can get anything close to what she makes back home, when you are away. For several reasons we all consider ourselves close to our mother’s and since the upcoming occasion in the month of may happens to be Mother’s Day, this could be a beautiful surprise if you return back to her.

Factor #2 : The Crazy Childhood Friends

The friends you make here, you cannot expect to get that close with friends you make there. There will always be that hesitation, and this is what makes you close to your buddies back home. Remember the times you used to cheer for team India with your friends and those nail biting moments; they can never be recreated when you are away. But you can surely have them back if you re unite. Try to surprise them for the upcoming friendship day.

Factor #3 : The Festivals call you

Remember the fun times you had during Navratri, Ganesh Chathurthi, Holi, Diwali and even Halloween with your friends. Don’t you want to relive them again, with that euphoric atmosphere that used to get created with gifts flooding from everywhere. Flowers, chocolates, cakes, sweets and many more, it’s time to bring back this same spirit, it is time you came back.

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Make Your First Anniversary Memorable

first anniversary giftsWe all remember the important we got married, it is a timeless moment and one which is filled with a lot of beautiful memories. We often cherish those moments and love to share about it to our friends. It is almost after a year that we realize that the holy union of two souls in love has turned a year old. This has got to be a very exclusive day after the marriage and is lovingly called the first anniversary. Now if you really want to make this day memorable, you must fill it with moments that will surprise your spouse truly.

We all remember the important we got married, it is a timeless moment and one which is filled with a lot of beautiful memories. We often cherish those moments and love to share about it to our friends. It is almost after a year that we realize that the holy union of two souls in love has turned a year old. This has got to be a very exclusive day after the marriage and is lovingly called the first anniversary. Now if you really want to make this day memorable, you must fill it with moments that will surprise your spouse truly.

Here goes the plan,

Step 1: Initiate The Game

It is important to set the game first in order to initiate it. Keep it pretty simple and don’t complicate matters by including anything additional all in the hopes of making things special, it may only spoil the fun. Instead be clear as per your goals are concerned. The game begins with picking an instrument and learning it about almost 3 months prior to the occasion. 3 months is a safe time and it will ensure that you learn properly. In case you already know how to play an instrument try to go for something else. For example, you know the guitar, and then try to learn the violin.

Step 2: Set The Twist

The twist always comes in different forms, but all that matters is how interesting it turns out to be. Set the twist by disappearing in the middle of the night when your spouse is sleeping. Place an urgent note by the table that says, your boss had called for an emergency meeting for which the immediate flight tickets to a certain destination were booked and you had to leave without informing. In the end ask for an apology and say that you shall return after a few days.

Step 3: The Game Is On

Now when the twist has been set in its place, send a message on her mobile phone that says, “I noticed the fact that I just couldn’t leave you like that so, there is a note I have left in the drawer of our cupboard, you will know where it leads you”

Step 4: Game Continues

It is an obvious fact that she will go for the note. This note says, “Hey dear, I have this special spa vouchers for you, because I have planned something for you and for that you need to go through this amazing experience, there will come a pick up vehicle at around 10 and it will drop you back. So enjoy.

Step 5: Finish Line

While everything was going on you were in your hide out making the arrangements of the final game play. So as she returns from the spa, you are already in the house hiding somewhere. The moment she comes in she gets to see the house decorated with ribbons, flowers and in the center of the hall there is a cake. As she approaches near with a smile because she is now aware it’s you, hit the final home run by coming out with the new instrument which you recently learned to play. Play a melodious tune which will leave her speechless. No points for guessing the first anniversary would be awesome and remembered.

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Personalized Gifts: A Great Choice For Gifting

personalized giftsWho doesn’t love to receive a gift and especially if the gift is exactly something that you’ve expected but never received. When it comes to gifting what counts is the emotion behind that gift, the thought behind it. Then be it something as simple as a greeting card or even something lavish like a luxurious Perfume it makes it even more valuable. Now there are certain gifts that are meant for gifting and then there are certain gifts that are meant to strike a chord with the recipient’s heart. Those special gifts which are exclusively dedicated to the person are called personalized gifts and they come in various varieties and for everyone.

Personalized gifts simply adds a layer of emotions over the gift wrapping which does its best to convey those emotions as the gift is getting unwrapped. What follows is the joy that makes it even more interesting to receive a gift that was thought about carefully and personalized just the way the recipient would have thought of.

The best thing about personalized gifts is that there is an extensive collection of products available that are quite unique in their style and are very trendy. Right from Personalized Mugs, Personalized wall clocks, personalized photo frames, personalized tote bags and many more such gift items that can be presented to the recipient with that personal touch.

Even something as cool as customized T-shirts are a very great choice for a gift. Get creative and think of some unique or interesting lines to be printed on the T-shirt or simply go for printing some image of the recipient which makes it a very attractive and unique gift. The experience is assured to be amazing for everyone.

Distinct ideas usually account for something refreshingly amazing as a personalized gift. For several occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas etc. All around the year for several occasions personalized gifts are the best bet and they come for a very affordable price which makes them a very sought after purchase. Personalized gifts have their own charm and they never fail to leave an impact upon the one who receives it. One can be even more creative in giving a personalized gift item by adding a greeting or a gift card along with the gift. Simply a small note also adds that extra bit and makes it even more interesting when gifting.

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Make the New Year exciting!

Its 2014, a new year has arrived and with the new year its always time to adopt a new outlook of life. So its time when we changed or rather it sounds better that we modified certain of our habits. One of them includes, our gifting habits. It could be that we never gifted in our life, or we did it very rarely, or we used to gift things which no one does these days. So if anyone of you identifies with the mentioned circumstances then it is about time that you upgraded yourself to a person, who has the right knowledge of making a celebration alive and kicking. So next time you think of going to a celebration, make sure that you are equipped with the right elements to make a grand entry. So that even after you have left the celebration, you are talked about.

Get ready to shower yourself with praises like, “Such a good choice, Hmmm, smart choice, I loved the gift it was something that i have always wanted”. Grab the limelight, bask in the glory of a very great taste. Find your choices, exclusively at Gifts Tantra, the unique online gift shop. It is a one of its kind place and we are offering some very interesting products that has been designed with only one intention to achieve the smiles on your loved one’s faces. It is a very special way to make your new year even more exciting!


365 Days of Santa Claus!

When we were children, we all used to love stories, fairy tales and of course Happy endings. We used to take a keen interest in everything that made us happy. It is one aspect we always carry with ourselves all our lives. The interest in those things that makes us happy. Now to be honest we may think something regarding our interests but we often end up doing something entirely different. For example our favorite character from childhood stories, most preferably Santa Claus. After a certain point when the reality dawns on us, that he is just from the stories, we stop believing in all such tales that even remotely contains anything related to imagination. But here at Gifts Tantra, the amazing world of Gifts we have a different theory. To tell you all a secret, Santa Claus does exists and he is out there among us. We all are in fact Santa Claus or as a matter of fact become the Santa Claus for someone we know.

Its pretty simple, and Gifts Tantra very much understands this concept. All you got to do is believe everything that you once used to believe and there is an entirely amazing world of Gifts that will make you feel like a Santa Claus, every single day of the year. So its not just Christmas, when Santa Claus should actually be remembered, he is the poster boy for Gifts and thus considered to be the symbol of someone who brings joy to you. Celebrate every day of the year and make sure the Santa Claus in you lives on. Now with the amazing world of gifts it is possible.


The King of the World!


People have different perceptions about happiness. Like the beggar on the street, who would smile instantly the moment he hears the sound of jingling coins in his bowl. Like the person, who after numerous attempts of finding a job gets a phone call that tells him, that he has been selected finally or the ten year old kid who just made a century while playing cricket with his friends on the street.  Moments like these can never be truly expressed in words. The value of those times is only secretly known to the person who has experienced the scenario first hand. If they could sum up those moments in one word, they would be at loss of words and anything they say to express their joy would only be unfair. Its evident from such examples that happiness is clearly getting what we want and no right words in this entire universe can define the state of mind of the person who gets what he wants. Similarly there are several people who may or may not have experienced this joy. But there is one way, in which this joy can be distributed in everyone, just like Santa Claus distributes joy every Christmas although he doesn’t exist. Its simple to understand from this, that the thought of gifting can be instantly connected with joy.

So the next time you are truly happy, take some time out and ask yourself wouldn’t you want everyone to be a part of your happiness? Wouldn’t you want the joy to be shared? It is thoughts like these that give birth to the idea of gifting and it is a wonderful thing. Perhaps its the best form of expressing the state of mind which words cannot, when someone is truly delighted. Gifts are what give proper justification to your truest feelings about someone. So it could be anyone; someone you love, someone you just met, someone you have always wanted to talk to, someone who reminds you of your good times, or simply your friends or family. It all starts with something as simple as gifting and its an infectious process, what it does is spreads joy among everyone and before we know everyone is infected with smiling faces and happy hearts. This is what could be called as the joy of gifting or perhaps a feeling that one can only experience when they have gifted someone. There is a sense of fulfillment in the act. It is priceless to see someone feeling a shade brighter with happiness because of you.

The world is full of feelings that are just waiting to let you feel down, and force you to do things you might regret, so wouldn’t it be a great thing to prove this wrong. The “Joy of Gifting” is such a wonderful thing that it brings immense joy to the one who receives and the one who gives simply feels like what Leonardo DiCaprio happily expressed in the Film Titanic standing at the edge of the ship and screaming loudly for the world to hear him, “ I’m the King of the World”.

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Impressive Baby Care Products Available In The Gifts Industry You Should Know About

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banner-bcareIt is quite true that babies are adorable and they help everyone forget about all their worries, their presence is angelic. You know that when they around, you wouldn’t get a chance to sit idle or lose yourself in some random thoughts they would always catch your attention and keep you busy at the same time cheer you up with their innocence. We all have gone through that phase but since we are all grown now, do not quite remember about it. We do get a reminder when we happen to come across a sweet child and indulge in playing with them; even we do all we can to get their attention, because it really feels awesome when they respond to you. It surely happens to be a best feeling indeed.

We also think of surprising them, even though they may be small enough to understand it, but it is…

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