Factors That Will Bring You Back To India

You are walking on this path that takes you to a destination; you claim that you fully understand a lot of things about this place where you want to be. You are aware of its vastness and the experience you are going to get. You are thrilled, but you do not know, all that you are expecting is just one percentage of the scale of the magnanimity of which India is a part of. It is that destination that has layers of incredible features about it, where the mysteries don’t seem to end and a new journey always seems to begin. If you are away from your homeland and wondering what could be those elusive factors that can bring you back then read on.

Bollywood has contributed in its own way in bringing global Indians together, with a brilliant example shown in the movie Swades, where Shahrukh Khan plays the part of an NRI who deals with familiar issues of returning back to the nation. It was based upon the realization that rather being in a country which is already developed and contributing towards their well being, why not return to a place where you can generate opportunities for others so that our nation also reaches that level. Consider the following factors that will make you ponder upon returning back to the nation.

Factor #1 : Mother

One of the most emotional bonds that has a deep sentimental value and perhaps the prime reason, you would want to return to your country is your mother. You love the food she prepares and there is no way you can get anything close to what she makes back home, when you are away. For several reasons we all consider ourselves close to our mother’s and since the upcoming occasion in the month of may happens to be Mother’s Day, this could be a beautiful surprise if you return back to her.

Factor #2 : The Crazy Childhood Friends

The friends you make here, you cannot expect to get that close with friends you make there. There will always be that hesitation, and this is what makes you close to your buddies back home. Remember the times you used to cheer for team India with your friends and those nail biting moments; they can never be recreated when you are away. But you can surely have them back if you re unite. Try to surprise them for the upcoming friendship day.

Factor #3 : The Festivals call you

Remember the fun times you had during Navratri, Ganesh Chathurthi, Holi, Diwali and even Halloween with your friends. Don’t you want to relive them again, with that euphoric atmosphere that used to get created with gifts flooding from everywhere. Flowers, chocolates, cakes, sweets and many more, it’s time to bring back this same spirit, it is time you came back.

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Make Your First Anniversary Memorable

first anniversary giftsWe all remember the important we got married, it is a timeless moment and one which is filled with a lot of beautiful memories. We often cherish those moments and love to share about it to our friends. It is almost after a year that we realize that the holy union of two souls in love has turned a year old. This has got to be a very exclusive day after the marriage and is lovingly called the first anniversary. Now if you really want to make this day memorable, you must fill it with moments that will surprise your spouse truly.

We all remember the important we got married, it is a timeless moment and one which is filled with a lot of beautiful memories. We often cherish those moments and love to share about it to our friends. It is almost after a year that we realize that the holy union of two souls in love has turned a year old. This has got to be a very exclusive day after the marriage and is lovingly called the first anniversary. Now if you really want to make this day memorable, you must fill it with moments that will surprise your spouse truly.

Here goes the plan,

Step 1: Initiate The Game

It is important to set the game first in order to initiate it. Keep it pretty simple and don’t complicate matters by including anything additional all in the hopes of making things special, it may only spoil the fun. Instead be clear as per your goals are concerned. The game begins with picking an instrument and learning it about almost 3 months prior to the occasion. 3 months is a safe time and it will ensure that you learn properly. In case you already know how to play an instrument try to go for something else. For example, you know the guitar, and then try to learn the violin.

Step 2: Set The Twist

The twist always comes in different forms, but all that matters is how interesting it turns out to be. Set the twist by disappearing in the middle of the night when your spouse is sleeping. Place an urgent note by the table that says, your boss had called for an emergency meeting for which the immediate flight tickets to a certain destination were booked and you had to leave without informing. In the end ask for an apology and say that you shall return after a few days.

Step 3: The Game Is On

Now when the twist has been set in its place, send a message on her mobile phone that says, “I noticed the fact that I just couldn’t leave you like that so, there is a note I have left in the drawer of our cupboard, you will know where it leads you”

Step 4: Game Continues

It is an obvious fact that she will go for the note. This note says, “Hey dear, I have this special spa vouchers for you, because I have planned something for you and for that you need to go through this amazing experience, there will come a pick up vehicle at around 10 and it will drop you back. So enjoy.

Step 5: Finish Line

While everything was going on you were in your hide out making the arrangements of the final game play. So as she returns from the spa, you are already in the house hiding somewhere. The moment she comes in she gets to see the house decorated with ribbons, flowers and in the center of the hall there is a cake. As she approaches near with a smile because she is now aware it’s you, hit the final home run by coming out with the new instrument which you recently learned to play. Play a melodious tune which will leave her speechless. No points for guessing the first anniversary would be awesome and remembered.

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Personalized Gifts: A Great Choice For Gifting

personalized giftsWho doesn’t love to receive a gift and especially if the gift is exactly something that you’ve expected but never received. When it comes to gifting what counts is the emotion behind that gift, the thought behind it. Then be it something as simple as a greeting card or even something lavish like a luxurious Perfume it makes it even more valuable. Now there are certain gifts that are meant for gifting and then there are certain gifts that are meant to strike a chord with the recipient’s heart. Those special gifts which are exclusively dedicated to the person are called personalized gifts and they come in various varieties and for everyone.

Personalized gifts simply adds a layer of emotions over the gift wrapping which does its best to convey those emotions as the gift is getting unwrapped. What follows is the joy that makes it even more interesting to receive a gift that was thought about carefully and personalized just the way the recipient would have thought of.

The best thing about personalized gifts is that there is an extensive collection of products available that are quite unique in their style and are very trendy. Right from Personalized Mugs, Personalized wall clocks, personalized photo frames, personalized tote bags and many more such gift items that can be presented to the recipient with that personal touch.

Even something as cool as customized T-shirts are a very great choice for a gift. Get creative and think of some unique or interesting lines to be printed on the T-shirt or simply go for printing some image of the recipient which makes it a very attractive and unique gift. The experience is assured to be amazing for everyone.

Distinct ideas usually account for something refreshingly amazing as a personalized gift. For several occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas etc. All around the year for several occasions personalized gifts are the best bet and they come for a very affordable price which makes them a very sought after purchase. Personalized gifts have their own charm and they never fail to leave an impact upon the one who receives it. One can be even more creative in giving a personalized gift item by adding a greeting or a gift card along with the gift. Simply a small note also adds that extra bit and makes it even more interesting when gifting.

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Make the New Year exciting!

Its 2014, a new year has arrived and with the new year its always time to adopt a new outlook of life. So its time when we changed or rather it sounds better that we modified certain of our habits. One of them includes, our gifting habits. It could be that we never gifted in our life, or we did it very rarely, or we used to gift things which no one does these days. So if anyone of you identifies with the mentioned circumstances then it is about time that you upgraded yourself to a person, who has the right knowledge of making a celebration alive and kicking. So next time you think of going to a celebration, make sure that you are equipped with the right elements to make a grand entry. So that even after you have left the celebration, you are talked about.

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365 Days of Santa Claus!

When we were children, we all used to love stories, fairy tales and of course Happy endings. We used to take a keen interest in everything that made us happy. It is one aspect we always carry with ourselves all our lives. The interest in those things that makes us happy. Now to be honest we may think something regarding our interests but we often end up doing something entirely different. For example our favorite character from childhood stories, most preferably Santa Claus. After a certain point when the reality dawns on us, that he is just from the stories, we stop believing in all such tales that even remotely contains anything related to imagination. But here at Gifts Tantra, the amazing world of Gifts we have a different theory. To tell you all a secret, Santa Claus does exists and he is out there among us. We all are in fact Santa Claus or as a matter of fact become the Santa Claus for someone we know.

Its pretty simple, and Gifts Tantra very much understands this concept. All you got to do is believe everything that you once used to believe and there is an entirely amazing world of Gifts that will make you feel like a Santa Claus, every single day of the year. So its not just Christmas, when Santa Claus should actually be remembered, he is the poster boy for Gifts and thus considered to be the symbol of someone who brings joy to you. Celebrate every day of the year and make sure the Santa Claus in you lives on. Now with the amazing world of gifts it is possible.


The King of the World!


People have different perceptions about happiness. Like the beggar on the street, who would smile instantly the moment he hears the sound of jingling coins in his bowl. Like the person, who after numerous attempts of finding a job gets a phone call that tells him, that he has been selected finally or the ten year old kid who just made a century while playing cricket with his friends on the street.  Moments like these can never be truly expressed in words. The value of those times is only secretly known to the person who has experienced the scenario first hand. If they could sum up those moments in one word, they would be at loss of words and anything they say to express their joy would only be unfair. Its evident from such examples that happiness is clearly getting what we want and no right words in this entire universe can define the state of mind of the person who gets what he wants. Similarly there are several people who may or may not have experienced this joy. But there is one way, in which this joy can be distributed in everyone, just like Santa Claus distributes joy every Christmas although he doesn’t exist. Its simple to understand from this, that the thought of gifting can be instantly connected with joy.

So the next time you are truly happy, take some time out and ask yourself wouldn’t you want everyone to be a part of your happiness? Wouldn’t you want the joy to be shared? It is thoughts like these that give birth to the idea of gifting and it is a wonderful thing. Perhaps its the best form of expressing the state of mind which words cannot, when someone is truly delighted. Gifts are what give proper justification to your truest feelings about someone. So it could be anyone; someone you love, someone you just met, someone you have always wanted to talk to, someone who reminds you of your good times, or simply your friends or family. It all starts with something as simple as gifting and its an infectious process, what it does is spreads joy among everyone and before we know everyone is infected with smiling faces and happy hearts. This is what could be called as the joy of gifting or perhaps a feeling that one can only experience when they have gifted someone. There is a sense of fulfillment in the act. It is priceless to see someone feeling a shade brighter with happiness because of you.

The world is full of feelings that are just waiting to let you feel down, and force you to do things you might regret, so wouldn’t it be a great thing to prove this wrong. The “Joy of Gifting” is such a wonderful thing that it brings immense joy to the one who receives and the one who gives simply feels like what Leonardo DiCaprio happily expressed in the Film Titanic standing at the edge of the ship and screaming loudly for the world to hear him, “ I’m the King of the World”.

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Top three novels by Indian Authors to be gifted for Men

The Bankster By Ravi SubramanianBooks are a rich source of information and they always take you to a world where you are a part of a very interesting story. It offers you philosophy and a special understanding of things. There have been some really great contribution from some prominent Indian authors as well to this field of literature and among them there are top three books that should be gifted to a men.

#1 The Bankster By Ravi Subramanian

A very fantastic novel written by an incredibly intelligent author. It is a book that will surely be loved by men. It is an edge of the seat thriller and the story will grip you till the very end.

#2 The Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi

This series of book has gained a lot of popularity in India for the rich content, vivid imagination and definitely a book everyone is talking about in India. So surprise your man with a book from this series or the entire trilogy it is going to be a worthwhile gift.

#3 What Young India Wants By Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat’s latest novel talks about everything that India dreams about and the youth playing their part in making it happen. It’s a very well-crafted novel and must read for anyone who cares for the country.

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Gift for Santa Claus


Originally posted on The Story About Gifts:

Santa-Claus-gift I would like to share with you this interesting story I came across thanks to my friend, he is a school teacher and he loves his job just the way I do. He was going to complete his one year in the school on this Christmas, a beautiful time of the year. It was already the Christmas week. Now usually it happens in schools that there is a small Christmas party in the school and after which the school is closed for a week of Christmas Vacation. So it was his first time as a teacher in the new school and he happened to tell me about this beautiful incident that happened during the Christmas party.

Every kid who was present for the Christmas party was very excited. They were all eagerly waiting for Santa to arrive because every time Santa Claus came with a big bag of chocolates and…

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Valentine’s Day Gift For your Husband

gifts-for-himValentine’s Day happens to be a very special day for those who have newly fallen in love. Not only them it is a special day for anyone who is in love. But it gets a little more interesting when you are married. Especially when you have been in the marriage you know a lot about your partners likes and dislikes and this will help you choose the perfect gift for them. For all the lovely wives who have a very supportive husband, here is what you should be gifting them on this Valentine’s Day.

#1 A Personalized Gift

Men usually never expect surprises, but they love it from their heart when someone does something special for them. A sweet personalized gift in the form of mugs, photo frames, and pillows could be a very great present for him.

#2 Men Accessories

Men love it when you gift them with something of their personal use such as Wallets, Wrist Watches, Belts and other such things. It is a sweet gesture and to receive a gift from your wife all the more adds to their joy.

#3 Electronics

Men have a fascination towards three basic things in their life good food, Women and technology. The first two issues are immediately taken care of the moment he marries someone beautiful and she becomes his wife. The third one could be taken care of by the wife maybe on this Valentine’s Day with a special surprise right out of the electronics store.

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